Ref Watch: Liverpool should have been awarded a penalty against Newcastle, says Dermot Gallagher

When Newcastle defender Jamaal Lascelles hauled Joel Matip liverpool must have been given a penalty, says Dermot Gallagher.
The Premier League referee returns to get his say on a number of the weekend’s greatest incidents, including the penalty at Anfield.
Penalties for Manchester United and Watford will also be considered, and a poor match for Sheffield United, with Gallagher giving his views…
INCIDENT: Lascelles pulled Matip to the ground near the far post with his arms around shoulders As Liverpool delivered an corner. But, referee Andre Marriner waved away the claims for a penalty with nothing awarded through VAR.
DERMOT’S VERDICT: Incorrect Choice.
DERMOT SAYS:”The positioning of referee Andre Marriner is the place you’d expect him to be for a corner. He clearly didn’t think there was sufficient touch, he could tell that. However, I think that it was a penalty, others do not.
“It is tougher for the helper because he’s got a horizontal look at it. In incidents like that, you would like to be searching backward on to find the impact.
“When a subjective conclusion goes to VAR, then it has to fulfill their threshold. I can not let you know what that is but it hasn’t fulfilled it to overturning, so the assistant at Stockley Park can’t give a penalty.”
INCIDENT: Watford had been awarded a penalty in the 81st minute over on the line of the penalty area. Pereyra converted the spot kick to watch Watford draw level.
The VERDICT choice of DERMOT.
DERMOT SAYS:”It is online and the line is owned by the playground so you would say it’s at least on the line and I would say it’s definitely in the box. It is a penalty, he is tripped by him and it’s a foul. The secret here was that the referee’s position. He is right up with play, he’s behind them and he has seen it. The assistant will be in lineup and tell him it is from the box”
INCIDENT: Leicester shield Caglar Soyuncu bundled Marcus Rashford within the Region, giving an early punishment to Manchester United. After missing his final one, Rashford scored and awakened.
The VERDICT choice of DERMOT.
DERMOT SAYS:”I think it’s a penalty without uncertainty, but ahead, the ball rolls down Andreas Pereira’s arm, but it doesn’t lead to a target or a direct goalscoring opportunity. It’s handball, however it’s obviously handball and an accident can’t be granted.
“But it follows and Soyuncu catches Rashford, and it is a punishment and the perfect choice is provided. It demonstrates that the forwards is not always penalised.”
INCIDENT: Sheffield United had a goal disallowed early in the second halfof the Oli McBurnie scored but John Egan was penalised for offside in the.
DERMOT’S VERDICT: Correct decision.
DERMOT SAYS:”This is where VAR is absolutely brilliant because it is nigh on impossible to a helper to see who began in an offside position, but the VAR said it had been Egan – which it was – and that he definitely attempted to go the ball past the goalkeeper.”
INCIDENT: as Billy Sharp captured Stuart Armstrong on the shins with his studs Sheffield United were reduced to ten men in the 85th minute. He was shown a straight red card after coming on as a substitute.
DERMOT’S VERDICT: Would comprehend why it was given.
DERMOT SAYS:”The important problem here is your point of touch and also where the ball is. The ball has gone beyond him, if you watch this, he is too late and I believe the referee seen serious play and has viewed that. It is also about the rate that an intensity. The more deeply you are likely to strike that player. I can completely understand why the referee has sent him off.”

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