Leading Gaelic drama tackles dangers of online teenage relations in sexting storyline

Leading Gaelic drama tackles dangers of online teenage relations in sexting storyline

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But she then finds out that Calum, the kid she’s become sharing explicit selfies with via an internet application, is certainly not exactly who she believes they are.

The makers of Bannan state they wish to depict the aˆ?darknessaˆ? that’s usually hiding in isolated communities, it is hardly ever depicted on movie or television.

They even hope the fresh new collection, which will become underway on 21 September, will emphasize the potential issues and danger for young people who are developing right up in isolated forums when you look at the Highlands and isles, but they are immersed in an environment of social media and online matchmaking applications.

Chris younger, exactly who build a generation providers within the Sleat area of Skye to obtain Bannan off the ground in 2013, stated there was a desire to have the tv show to deliver an alternative choice to the aˆ?cosy and nostalgicaˆ? depictions associated with Highlands and Islands.

The guy said: aˆ?We planned to reveal that contemporary problem including internet based intercourse are simply as related and remarkable here as they are in almost any metropolitan style. We are discovering latest area and informing newer reports.

The BBC’s leading Gaelic drama is always to rotate the limelight from the threats for youths in online dating sites with a storyline targeting a schoolgirl attracted into giving explicit artwork of herself to someone she’s never met

aˆ?The websites is a significant section of existence in Highland and isles, and also changed many people’s real time when it comes down to better, nevertheless there is a drawback because it can furthermore deliver risk.aˆ?

Manager Mairead Hamilton, just who also writes for Bannan, said: aˆ?Over many years we’ve been attempting to push the borders with each collection. We’re getting braver collectively show and it is certainly come getting darker in build.

aˆ?This specific storyline offered issues as it was about sexting and as Meredith had been 14 during the time it was shot and she had been obviously under-age.

aˆ?we’d to make certain absolutely nothing untoward was shown, and we’d to make sure that she ended up being protected at each aim, making sure that she believed most comfy and safe.aˆ?

aˆ?On Bannan, we get a lot of rehearsal energy. I was able to query the lady about situations in school together very own associates and whether she could affix real life circumstances on storyline.

aˆ?Your teenage decades is a really tumultuous times. You might be finding much about yourself and looking to get understand yourself and realize who you really are, however your peers have a huge influence on your aswell.

Brook, who has appeared in Bannan during the last four decades, said: aˆ?As soon as the texts had been delivered to myself i recently found it actually interesting and exciting that they had produce a real-life present problem that individuals would be able to relate genuinely to. It decided a storyline i really could truly dive into.

aˆ?A large thing for my personal generation is you’re today able to bring a connection like that so conveniently without satisfying your partner. That is the a lot of frightening thing. To many my personal folks in my generation and generation this is certainly particular typical now. Calum may be the one that Ceitidh feels she will be able to communicate with. She feels that she will really open to your.aˆ?

Bannan copywriter Laura MacLennan mentioned: aˆ?Ceitidh’s storyline is very recent and real. Websites and social media marketing has https://datingranking.net/ actually changed a whole lot in the last 15 years, but you can still find plenty potential risks, it doesn’t matter what savvy men and women imagine these are typically. Folks are getting ultimately more advanced within their methods of deceiving visitors into thought they have been anything they are not.

aˆ?i really hope young people residing in island forums will truly engage the storyline. It isn’t the typical look at lifestyle that individuals watching mirrored on display screen, which is often most stereotypical and slightly twee. There’s a lot of darkness that lurks during these forums, but it is just not depicted that often.aˆ?

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